Under $150 Jewelry That Looks Like A Million Bucks

Although we can all appreciate the eye-catching quality of fine jewels, for some of us, investing in luxury pieces isn’t always practical—especially if you tend to misplace your jewelry or tire quickly of high-end trends. Get major bang for your buck without breaking the bank with 9 faux fine baubles that are so pretty, you won’t believe they cost less than $150.

Faux Fine Jewels Under $150

Pieces so pretty, we could have sworn they were far beyond our budget at first glance.

1. Statement Cuff

2. Stone Drops

3. Everyday Staple

4. 'Notice Me' Neckpiece

5. Bold Accoutrement

6. Arm Party Essential

7. Edgy Earrings

8. Bohemian Bangle

9. Personalized Piece