Scarved for Attention

by The Zoe Report

Each and every season, I look forward to updating my wardrobe with a select few ultramodern pieces—especially accessories. You see, by investing in just a small number of stylish add-ons, say a tie-dye bag or cat-eye sunnies, I can completely revamp my everyday uniform to fit with the current season. Now, you try! Throw on this ETRO Chain Necklace Scarf over your go-to ensemble and it will feel like a brand new look.

With pendants, tassels and stone embellishments, this chain-mail scarf conjures up images of a 1970s, gypsy-like aesthetic that I am always drawn to. So boho. Even cooler, it can act as an accent piece in a few ways: a scarf, necklace or belt! Wear this unique accessory with some already-in-your-closet clothes…try it around your neck—tied or loose—with a leather jacket, black t-shirt and jeans, or cinched at your waist over a flowy maxi dress. Send me Twitpics of your completed look, or other inspiring outfits, and I’ll re-tweet my faves! xoRZ

Availability: ETRO Necklace Scarf with Pendant Elements ($964, 212.317.9096). For additional retailer information, visit Etro.com.