Paisley Pocketbook

by The Zoe Report

There’s nothing worse than loose credit cards and cash floating around in the depths of your purse (cue frantically rummaging at the checkout line much to the chagrin of your fellow customers!). For the sake of your handbag’s organizational state, tidy up and line ETRO’s Arnica Leather Wallet with your plastic and paper!

As any good card carrier should, the Arnica packs major storage space for your on-the-go essentials. Known for a colorful, bohemian aesthetic, ETRO stays true to form by splashing a punchy paisley print on the exterior and neon-hued flaps on the interior—this wallet’s fun from the inside out! If a perfect pocketbook is on your wishlist this season, we think ETRO’s cash carrier certainly fits the bill!

Availability: ETRO Arnica Leather Wallet (price upon request, 212.317.9096). For additional information, visit Etro.com.

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