These Engagement Ring Styles Will Be Huge In 2017

Engagement rings have (and will) forever run the gamut from timeless to modern. But we’re predicting a handful (pun intended) of trends in particular to stand out next year, from resurging classics to fresh, unconventional takes. Here, the six styles that will win 2017.

Jennifer Aniston. Photo: Getty Images.

Gorgeous Engagement Rings


Square and round cuts are timeless, but for 2017, pear feels decidedly fresh and a great alternative for those craving a classic. Bonus: The flattering silhouette elongates the finger regardless of carat size.


We waxed poetic about classic ovals earlier this year, and we stand firm on the claim. With major celebrities on the bandwagon (read: Jennifer Aniston, Blake Lively), we think the versatile shape will only gain momentum.


From hexagons to horizontal settings, geometric diamonds are increasingly popular. For those seeking major sparkle in a standout shape, this is it.


Very Parisian, a subtle stone or dainty band is the epitome of cool. This trend is perfect for modest gals.


Kate Middleton continues to spark major intrigue with her famous sapphire, and we see color staying the course through 2017. With newly engaged Irina Shayk and Blake Lively on the bandwagon, donning an emerald and soft pink stone respectively, this trend is a romantic way to personalize with one's birthstone. Pro tip: For those who are budget-conscious, these gems can be more affordably priced than diamonds.


Another movement on the upswing, avant-garde rings are a cult-phenomenon for fashion girls. Everything from clusters to floating baguettes are at the forefront.