Dream Buy: Dylanlex Necklaces

From hand bracelets to ear jackets, there’s no denying that bold, statement-making jewelry is having a moment right now. The latest underground brand to make us swoon with its insane-beautiful creations: Drew Ginsburg’s Dylanlex. Ginsburg first gained notoriety in the fashion world through her blog, Me And Lex, where she posted photos of her edgy, cool outfits (think: ripped t-shirts and amazing leather jackets), always finished with piles of silver, tribal-inspired jewelry, which she custom-made using vintage pieces. Her focused, fresh look and stunning baubles gained so much attention, the young design school grad finally developed a line for retail: hence, Dylanlex. The six-piece collection launched this month and the pieces are already selling out. Thinking about what to wear to all of those holiday parties next month? Pick up one of these unbelievable creations and you’re pretty much set for any event.

Q&A With Designer Drew Ginsburg

How to wear a Dylanlex necklace

Dylanlex Falkor Necklace, $980

"My personal style is more 'tomboy who also shares Liza Minnelli's love for shiny things.' I tend not to dress obvious for occasions. I wouldn't be the girl who wears a cocktail dress to a cocktail party. I'd wear a jacquard suit. I like to show girls that they can wear statement pieces in unconventional ways - it doesn't have to be so formal."

When to wear one

Dylanlex Dean Necklace, $580

"Embellishment shouldn't be reserved for special events. You can go have dinner with your girlfriends in some bling. Every day you're alive is an occasion."

Her personal style

Dylanlex Bowie Necklace, $820

"I have too many pieces to count! I always have rings and necklaces on, I feel naked without them."I don't really have a process for switching things out. I just get obsessed with pieces, especially finds from vintage shops and flea markets. I'll wear a piece TO. DEATH. Then, switch it out. Eventually, my staples make a comeback on my limbs, but I usually like to change it up monthly."

How she finds raw materials

Dylanlex Frankie Necklace, $810

"I always start with vintage. I love searching through a seemingly messy pile of old unwanted accessories to find an amazing misplaced piece that I can make into something bigger. It could be anything from a brooch, money clip, or a small part of a necklace that hits the spot. There's just something about vintage jewelry that's unlike modern day pieces. The craftsmanship and detail is inspiring - I just start mixing old and new, feminine and masculine pieces together. Sometimes it's awesome, sometimes it's not. Haha. Definitely a trial and error process!"

Her brand motto

Dylanlex Ryker Necklace, $780

"I think the word 'statement' has proven to not just be a trend - it has legs."

The future of Dylanlex

Dylanlex Bobbie Necklace, $640

"I know that I have much to learn to earn my place in this industry, but I am determined to build this brand and make Dylanlex the first thing girls think of when looking for unique, timeless statement pieces. I would like to expand to all avenues of accessories; bracelets, rings and more. "