5 Accessories Every Travel Wardrobe Needs

Karla Gallardo and Shilpa Shah founded the brand Cuyana in 2013 with the intent of inspiring women to buy fewer, better things—a noble pursuit in the age of fast fashion. As it turns out, “Fewer, Better Things” is not just a great motto for an eco-conscious line, it’s also the mantra that runs through our minds when packing for a weekend getaway. After all, the last thing we want to think about during a 48-hour whirlwind through Tulum, Toledo or Toronto is, “What should we wear?”

With that in mind, we asked Shah to name her must-have travel accessories, from a chic and sleek leather duffel to the requisite straw hat. Best of all? Nothing tops $350, so we can stock up on fewer, better things for fewer dollars—and thus better vacations. (See what we did there?)

Cuyana offers a tightly-curated collection of timeless accessories and apparel inspired by icons like Ali MacGraw’s character in the movie Love Story. “We love fashion,” says Shah. “We’re not necessarily minimalists. We just want women to think about and love every single thing they buy. When a woman is wearing a relevant, beautiful outfit, she feels more powerful than in any other situation. We want to build more moments like that.”

Photos Courtesy of Cuyana

Travel Case Set

“First and foremost, this set is a must.”

Overnight Bag

“A great size for longer trips.”

Beach Tote

“This bag is an essential. It’s coated with a special material on the inside so you can throw your wet swimsuit in it after a day at the beach.”

Convertible Clutch

“You can remove the shoulder strap and take it out as a clutch at night.”

Summer Hat

“I’m loving this new wide-brim straw hat for summer.”