Would You Try This Popular Accessories Trend?

Recently, Ikram Goldman told WWD that she can hardly keep a collection of handmade collar necklaces in stock at her namesake boutique in Chicago. Who would have thought? After reading that, we did what any curious fashion girl would do and took the trending accessory into our own hands. To our surprise, working it into an outfit successfully was not an easy task. (If you’ve ever tried to rock one, you likely know what we mean.) After several attempts, we finally cracked the code, curating two easy-to-pull-off styling options. Now, all you’ll need is the accessory itself—which we’ve also provided below for your purchasing pleasure.

Master The Tricky Trend

Photo: Vanessa Jackman

Pair With: A Summer Dress & Loafers

Pair With: A Crop Top & Printed Pants