Spotlight: Instant Icon

by The Zoe Report

We can’t think about the upcoming season without also contemplating what handbag we will be carrying. Breaking down the details of what we look for in a steady arm companion, we require something with a classic silhouette, a modern look, well-considered functionality and luxurious leathers. Meeting all of these standards literally with flying colors is the groundbreaking Legacy Collection from leading handbag purveyor, Coach.

Inspired by iconic styles in the Coach archive, this of-the-moment selection combines timeless details with fresh features for true standout style. The very first cross-gender collection from the New York label, you’ll find striking options in the Legacy lineup for both women and men to call their own. Designed in a myriad of rich hues, from a carnelian red to sunflower yellow and emerald green, with traditional neutrals in the mix too, you needn’t look any further for your autumn counterpart. Carry one with every ensemble and your fall style will be nothing short of iconic!

Availability: Take a peek at our 12 favorite bags, then shop the entire Coach Legacy Collection at Coach.com.