Obsessed: Christian Louboutin’s New Handbags

Ever found a handbag silhouette so perfect, you dreamt it came in every color and pattern imaginable? Let us introduce you to the latest carryall collection from Christian Louboutin, which is just that!

Available in 14 limited edition patterns, fabrics and color ways plus 6 stunning variations of the sleek, curve-handled style (think shoulder, messenger and miniature versions), the Passage collection is one we’ve found ourselves thinking about to the point of obsession.

Inspired by 19th century Parisian shopping arcades and Mr. Louboutin’s very first boutique, this accessory is a treasure in itself. Pre-order your Passage handbag today—whether used for work or play (we suggest both!), this is one investment accessory you won’t regret.

Availability: Christian Louboutin Passage Collection ($1795-$2350). For more information, visit ChristianLouboutin.com.

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