Charmed, I’m sure

by The Zoe Report

I know you’ve heard me talk ad nauseam about statement pieces and the like, so now I would like to discuss something a little more dainty but equally as fabulous —Chrome Hearts’ Charm Necklace. This delicate piece adds a little flavor and a bit of soul to any look.

LA to the core, Chrome Hearts can be credited for spearheading the goth/rock trend in leather and jewelry more than a decade ago and have stayed true to that aesthetic. I am a huge devotee to charm necklaces and bracelets since my teens. They are a great way to express yourself through jewelry and always a conversation starter. Personalize today’s Chrome Hearts chain with initials, lucky numbers and a chic emblem* of your choice. I suggest to pile them on, mix and match—there are no rules in this game, so pending your mood let these unique charms do the talking! xoRZ

*Many to choose from: stars, daggers, crosses, hearts and fleurs.

Availability: Chrome Hearts 22k 32″ Twist Chain ($1,500) and Charms ($200-$250). Available at Chrome Hearts Boutiques, 310.854.9800. For additional retailer information visit Chromehearts.com.