Pandora’s Box

by The Zoe Report

Any savvy follower of fashion can appreciate the element of convertibility in a garment or accessory—two-in-one, reversible and detachable pieces are as easy on the eyes as they are on the wallet. That’s why Charlotte Olympia’s Pandora Clutch sent Team Zoe into an absolute frenzy, offering four—yes, four!—fabulous bags in one.

Shaped in clear Perspex to hold one of three elegant inserts—choose your adventure with leopard linen, black velvet or red velvet—this comprehensive clutch will match with everything in your closet. Also featuring a show-stopping spider clasp, it is guaranteed to garner some well-deserved attention as you make your holiday party rounds. After all, she’s not named Pandora for nothing—carry this clutch and you’ll open a world of previously unbeknownst options to your cocktail party wardrobe!

Availability: Charlotte Olympia Pandora Clutch ($645). For additional information, visit Charlotteolympia.com.