Walk In White

by The Zoe Report

Spring is your cue to swap out your go-to black footwear for a striking white option! Whether you prefer sandals, stilettos or slippers, selecting your shoes in the achromatic wash will seal the deal on your warm-weather outfits; they offer the ideal accompaniment to pastel and printed looks. Putting forth one of our favorite takes on the trend, Casadei delivers major style via their strappy platform sandals.

Part of the luxe label’s most recent collection, our precious pair of the day, featuring white and tan leather and a wooden sole, is a key representation of the brand’s daring aesthetic. The crisscross straps decorating the front of the shoes lend a fun-yet-refined air, making them appropriate for more casual and formal functions alike. How would we style the twosome, you ask? With a pleated shirtdress, turquoise necklace and snake-print handbag for a runway-ready getup!

Availability: Casadei Platform Sandals ($1150). For additional information, visit Casadei.com.