Spooky Shoes

by The Zoe Report

Happy Halloween, Zoe Reporters! Appealing to our avant-garde sensibilities, this holiday serves as a playful reminder to push the boundaries on one’s wardrobe even after all of the candy has been consumed. Honing in on one particularly out-there look, we are shining the flashlight today on Casadei’s black and white boots—a pair so spine-tingling, they conjure up visions of monsters hiding in the closet. Would you be daring enough to slip them onto your feet?

If so, you might be pleasantly surprised because even though they may appear vicious, these fluffy creatures don’t bite. On the contrary, they are actually quite friendly: slip them on and you’ll find Casadei’s boots are both completely cozy and easy to walk in—kudos to their sturdy wedge silhouette. Feeling brave? Trust your toesies within their fuzzy folds, then complete your ensemble with a wool cape, skinny jeans and dark lipstick—you’ll be doing the Monster Mash in no time!

Availability: Casadei Boots ($2150). For additional information, visit Casadei.com.

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