Tick Tock

by The Zoe Report

In honor of a new year, I am kicking off the first week of The Zoe Report in a resolution-oriented manner, starting with a classic timepiece. I have received many Ask Rachel inquiries about the watch I wear, which is Cartier’s Ballon Bleu in rose gold, so I thought it the perfect time to discuss the trend…menswear-inspired watches! For those of you looking to be more punctual, is there any other way?

A slight variation on my timepiece, this is a two-tone version of the Ballon Bleu style. With an oversized round steel face, yellow gold accents and signature Cartier Roman numerals, it is positively grandeur. Look to it as inspiration and hunt for something similar—the idea is to rock a mens-sized watch in rose, yellow or steel, which hits the androgynous glam trend in a timeless manner. I have always worn mens’ watches because of the irony of the proportion—my ode to androgyny. Now find one you love, or even borrow from your boyfriend or dad, fasten it on alongside your other pretty jewels* and be on your way! xoRZ

*Zoe do: Do not be afraid to mix and match metals!

Availability: Cartier Large Ballon Bleu ($8375). For additional retailer information, visit Cartier.com.