Sign Of Spring

by The Zoe Report

An easy way to gauge what time of year it is, you needn’t look into the sky to know which season we’re in, just take a peek around at everyone’s outfits! Accessories, in particular, can be very telling of the term. Want proof? Kindly direct your eyes to Bulgari’s Leoni Handbag—no doubt about it, it sings spring!

Lost in a daydream of clear skies and blooming trees, we can hardly wait for the green season to officially begin—one more week!—but this weaved wonder is all we need to hold us over! Constructed of braided raffia and smooth leather with gold plated hardware and rope accents, Bulgari designed quite the gem appendage to complement your spring wardrobe. Did we mention it comes with a convenient detachable shoulder strap too? Flawless. Now, there is only one question left to ask: what will you carry it with?

Availability: Bulgari Leoni Handbag ($3300, available at BVLGARI stores nationwide, 1.800.BVLGARI). For additional information, visit Bulgari.com.

P.S. In honor of daylight savings, we’re springing ahead with a super chic moisturizer!