A Jewel Year

by The Zoe Report

Hopefully, at the turn of the year you cleared out some space in your jewelry box—or even better, invested in a larger treasure chest—because 2013 brings with it the promise of many shiny new things! Want proof? Simply feast your eyes on Brian Atwood’s first-ever jewelry collection!

Every bit as alluring as the accessory aficionado’s sought-after footwear, this 11-piece series complements Atwood’s edgy range of heels flawlessly. Speaking to the sleek minimalist within us all, each gem showcases sexy and versatile details, like python texture, velvet bands and rounded cutouts. Are there unworn outfits in your closet just waiting to be adorned? Treat yourself to a brilliant bauble or two from our lineup du jour and you’ll be set to shut it down.

Availability: Brian Atwood Jewelry Collection ($175-$295). For additional information, visit Brianatwood.com.

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