Iridescent Elements

by The Zoe Report

If you define your style as understated, then we invite you to expand your horizons today by scoping out Blumarine’s bombastic fall collection. Characterized by blindingly bright colors, futuristic metallics and full-body animal prints, the Italian label’s current looks are bold to an intimidating degree—but that’s not to say one couldn’t interpret the conspicuous trend in a more subtle way. Our strategy? Sport one or more of Blumarine’s Iridescent Bracelets for an eye-catching effect.

A little accessorizing can go a long way, especially when said add-ons are of a holographic nature, and these prismatic baubles pack a dazzling punch. Available in both studded and unadorned versions, we suggest treating them as the foundation for an entirely otherwordly getup—think: a leather tee, embellished skirt and ankle-strap pumps. The future of your style is bright!

Availability: Blumarine Iridescent Bracelets ($170-$250). For additional information, visit Blumarine.com.

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