Big Spender

by The Zoe Report

In honor of the biggest shopping day of the year and the secret stash of mula you have put aside for the occasion, it is time to splurge on something you love. The possibilities are endless, but I am going to suggest a shiny new wallet. Literally. Yves Saint Laurent’s Belle De Jour Metalic Wallet to be exact.

Amidst every fashionista’s obsession over handbags, this fundamental accessory can sometimes get lost in the mix. If you are guilty of said pocketbook neglect…it is time to give the contents of your purse a lift! YSL’s Belle De Jour or another shimmery style will do the trick. I am all about a classic brown or black leather style, but when you have something metallic, it can play two roles. Think wallet by day, clutch by night. Throw it in your purse while at work and take it out clubbing after…a pretty pocketbook will make getting carded that much more exciting. xoRZ

Availability: Yves Saint Laurent Belle De Jour Metallic Wallet ($545). For additional retailer information, visit Ysl.com.