The Unexpected Engagement-Ring Trend We Love

Engagement rings are one of the most personal (and pricey!) pieces of jewelry one will ever own, making the decision of shape, cut and setting exhilarating but nerve-racking. Thankfully ring trends are less fleeting than those of handbags or shoes, but certain styles are popularized with the times, and of course, by way of celebrity influence. One such having a moment right now: the oval stone. The regal, rounded shape (as worn by Princess Diana and famously passed on to Kate Middleton) is enjoying a resurgence. Not only does it visually elongate the finger, it’s surprisingly versatile and plays well with a variety of settings. What’s more, an oval diamond can create the illusion of a larger carat size—a particularly savvy hack for those with a budget to consider. With celebrity fans including Blake Lively, Behati Prinsloo and Jennifer Aniston, we think it’s the next cushion-shaped halo (aka the most popular style of 2015). Whether you’re on the brink of engagement or simply daydreaming of diamonds, here are 12 oval engagement rings for every style and budget.


Oval Engagement Rings