11 Of The Most Luxurious Chanel Bags Of All Time

We don’t need to tell you Chanel is the one storied brand that will forever set the bar for exceptional taste and timeless style, but it’s also the one fashion house that can easily get away with over-the-top luxury. While we love the widely coveted classic 2.55 handbag, Chanel delivers a whole slew of extravagant accessories that are made to be collector’s items. To celebrate Coco Chanel’s 133rd birthday, we’ve scoured the market for the most outlandish and fabulous bags we can’t stop gawking over. From a limited-edition casino minaudière that’s worth more than a car to a yummy red sequin confection, here are 11 of the most luxurious Chanel eye candies ever.

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Fabulous Chanel Bags

Chanel Vintage Lego Brick Pearl Clutch, $13,000.

Chanel Sequin Paris Shanghai Flap Bag, $7900.

Chanel Movie Camera Minaudière Handbag, $26,755.

Chanel Metallic Python-Double Flap Bag, $17,900.

Chanel Brasserie Gabrielle Plexiglass Plates Minaudière, $14,200.

Chanel Limited Edition Perfume Bottle Clutch, $22,500.

Chanel Small Mosaic Boy Bag, $10,125.

Chanel Hula Hoop X-Large Bag, $25,450.

Chanel Pearl Shaped Plexiglass Minaudière, $14,999.

Chanel Card Casino Minaudière, $15,057.

Chanel Lait de Coco Milk Bag, $8700.