Velcro Vixen

by The Zoe Report

Who could forget the sweet Velcro tennis shoes of our youth? Well, today’s leather soles are kind of just like that, only with a platform. And silver hardware. And a five-inch heel. Nevertheless, we imagine the joy derived from fastening and detaching their foldover ankle strap is quite the same. Genius!

Fashioned by one of our favorite Parisian designer’s, Barbara Bui, we would walk 500 miles just for the chance to try these stylish soles on. Wouldn’t you? Upping the cool factor ante when worn with striped jeans, a biker jacket and leather clutch, their white-on-pale pink coloring and triple-strap structure will definitely stand out in a crowd. Feeling nostalgic for your recess days? Slip into these grown-up “kicks” and make the world your playground.

Availability: Barbara Bui White Biker Sandals ($1105). For additional information, visit Barbarabui.com.

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