Born Identity

by The Zoe Report

Whether you’re a die-hard trend follower or prefer to march to the beat of your own fashion drum, elements of individuality are equally essential, no matter to what degree. What better way to personalize your accessories arsenal than with Ann Dexter-Jones’ ID Bracelet, a tribute to the traditional wrist plate with an added rock ’n’ roll edge.

The concept behind Dexter-Jones’ design stemmed from her attraction to the simplicity of an ID bracelet—intrigued by its minimalism, she viewed it as the perfect blank canvas to add a bit of polish and panache. Crafted from various stones and metals (some are even sprinkled with diamonds!), these bracelets are a très chic means of identification. We especially love the sterling silver version with a white onyx plate—now how can we convince the authorities to let this take the place of our license?

Availability:Ann Dexter-Jones ID Bracelet ($2800). For additional information, visit Anndexterjones.com.