Man Overboard

by The Zoe Report

As a lifelong student of fashion, I spend my time scrutinizing everything from revolutionary trends to style icons and designer’s latest look books. Because of this, it takes something really special to make me look twice, like today’s Alexander McQueen Titanic Ballerina Pumps. I dare you to not do a double-take.

These are not the ballerina point shoes you wore in dance class, but a mesmerizing couture creation made up of all the right stuff. With a muted pink leather platform in the front, McQueen’s prized pumps are made complete in the back by a heel that is masterfully constructed out of what appears to be a robot’s spare parts. This juxtaposition of materials and textures makes for a pair of shoes unlike any I have ever seen. Something this deliciously stunning on your feet calls for understated elements everywhere else, think: a body-con skirt and button down tank. xoRZ

Availability: Alexander McQueen Titanic Ballerina Pumps ($1985, 212.645.1797). For additional retailer information, visit Alexandermcqueen.com.