The Indecisive Girl’s Guide To Fall Footwear

Committing to just one fall footwear purchase can be a decision of Sophie’s Choice proportions. After all, picking between a pumpkin-spice latte and a caramel macchiato sometimes feels like a choice of epic proportions. This season feels particularly challenging thanks to the daunting plethora of options: From hiking boots-gone-fab to ankle booties continuing their reign to sneakers in every incarnation and color, the options are endless. But you’re in luck because we took it upon ourselves to do the heavy-lifting for you and rounded up 20 fail-proof pairs you’ll want to get your feet into ASAP. At under $200 a pop, they’re all a steal—so go ahead, buy a few pairs. We know you want to.

Put Your Best Foot Forward (Without Going Broke)

Photo: Adam Katz Sinding

1. The Gold-Heel Mules

2. The Classic Oxfords

3. The Shoe-Boot Hybrid

4. The Fancy Sneakers

5. The Peep-Toe Boots

6. The Leopard-Print Pumps

7. The Casual Ankle Bootie

8. The High-Fashion Hiking Boots

9. The Platform Loafer

10. The Riding Boots

11. The Designer Sneakers

12. The No-Frills Boots

13. The Houndstooth Flats

14. The New Neutral

15. The Lady Pumps

16. The Sexy Shearling Booties

17. The Sleek Slip-Ons

18. The Dressed-Up Booties

19. The Lace-Up Heels

20. The Buckle Booties