A Note On Style

by The Zoe Report

Call me old-fashioned, but in our generation of emails and texting, I truly cherish the significance of a hand-written message. Not to kid myself—I still rely on my blackberry for most correspondence—but there are many situations where a card is most appropriate. Lately, I am penning more notes than ever and sending them in style, thanks to Richie Letterpress + Design’s uber-chic greetings and invitations.

Each hand illustrated or lettered greeting is inked in pretty colors on paper that is velvety to the touch. I love them all, but am most enthralled with the runway-inspired shoe sketches….a fashionably-forward way to say anything. Seriously—how cool are they? Now we all have a reason to take a break from our email and write out a little something…xoRZ

Availability: Richie Letterpress + Design Shoe Notecards ($24, for set of 5).