6 Things We Learned From H&M Studio’s Fashion Show


Swedish fast-fashion mega brand H&M showed its Studio collection yesterday in a retro moonscape in Paris. As usual, the offerings managed to expertly ride the line between kitschy and perfectly on-trend, with a hefty dose of whimsy thrown in (Caroline de Maigret DJ’d the show from a silver space ship). Here, the 6 lessons we learned.

Lesson 1

Models can, in fact, smile on the runway. And it's very uplifting. As are head-to-toe printed looks.

Lesson 2

We'll be needing an oversize vest this fall. And elbow gloves.

Lesson 3

The '70s are still going strong. Jumpsuits, gold lurex and psychedelic prints were in abundance.

Lesson 4

Come fall you'll want to stow away your floppy-brimmed hats and replace them with a suede cap.

Lesson 5

We need a pair of tan leather knee-high boots. Immediately. How did we forget about this fail-safe color combination?

Lesson 6

Sometimes the evening just calls for a silver jumpsuit. And...a helmet?

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