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The Fall Trends We Found On Prime Wardrobe That Are About To Be Everywhere & How To Wear Them

by Kate Marin

Fall brings with it every opportunity to refine your signature look. After all, it's never too early to start shopping for that temperature drop. All the cooler weather opens a door to so many new styling possibilities and creative combinations you’ve likely been lusting over throughout the past few steamy months. Whether it’s a layered look (think: rich knits, silky slips, and textured leathers) or one that plays with proportions, there are a few sure-fire trends you’re about to be seeing everywhere. Luckily, trying them out has never been easier.

We teamed up with Prime Wardrobe to bring to life four key fall trends and the pieces you need to make the look yours. From fleece jackets and puffy-sleeved blouses to chunky sneakers and textured boots, we’re sharing the best new ways to style these fall-favorite staples. Try your pieces on at home before you buy, only pay for what you keep, and Prime Wardrobe's free returns make it easy to find your new seasonal staples. Consider your fall wardrobe refresh complete.

Photography: Mary Fix; Art Direction & Design: Diana Weisman/ BDG; Hair: Akihisa Yamaguchi; Makeup: Tiffany Patton; Styling/Branded Fashion Lead: Jenna Wexler/ BDG; Branded Fashion Editor: Elly Ayres/ BDG; Production: Sam Ulban/ BDG.