The Surprising Reason Everyone Is Talking About Zara Right Now

Just when you thought we’d hit peak body-positive attitudes, here comes another brand that seems to have gotten the wrong memo. Zara (aka, the destination for affordable fashion-girl staples) is coming under fire after an ad for its Love Your Curves campaign went viral on social media. In a Twitter post, Irish radio host Muireann O’Connell shared a photo wherein two models are standing side by side, looking more like size 2s than size 10s.

While the slogan urges women to embrace their shape, Zara’s choice of non-curvy models for its Body Curve Jeans line is naturally leading to backlash from media outlets and even fans of the brand. (Some have suggested the girls were Photoshopped to the point of distortion.) Here’s hoping our favorite fast-fashion retailer takes the hint.