The One Show You Need To Binge Watch This Weekend

We’ve hinted at our love for You’re The Worst before, but now, with the show about to return for its third season, we feel it’s time for us to pen a proper love letter. You may recognize yourself, or people you know, in lead characters Gretchen (Aya Cash) and Jimmy (Chris Geere). They’re cynical, adverse to the requisite conformity offered by proper adulthood and totally, inadvertently crazy about one another. Rather than feeling like a romantic comedy trope, watching them resist one another feels authentic to those of us feeling likewise cynical about the whole notion of growing up and settling down.

The dynamic between Gretchen and Jimmy likely would have been enough to keep us hooked on the show for quite some time, but then, in Season 2, its writers decided to do more than just make fun of the two reluctant lovebirds. At one point, it’s revealed that Gretchen has been dealing with clinical depression, and the show explores the issue in a way that feels neither stereotypical nor derogatory but rather, again, real, without losing its sense of humor in the process. Season 3 promises to dive deeper into Gretchen’s inexplicable despair, with the addition of Orange Is The New Black’s Samira Wiley as her therapist. It also promises to give more screen time to Lindsay (Kether Donahue) and Edgar (Demin Borges), the show’s scene-stealing sidekicks, the latter of whom once uttered one of our favorite lines of all time; “Fun hipster sh*t is just poor Latino sh*t from ten years ago.” Could that be any more true? (If you live in Silver Lake or Brooklyn, this question is rhetorical.)

Seasons 1 and 2 of the series, which airs on an obscure channel called FXX, can also be found on Hulu, and if you haven’t yet seen them you’d better commit to a binge-watch session this weekend, as the You’re the Worst returns on August 31. View the new season’s trailer below.