Will This Artist Revolutionize The Music Industry?

Homepage photo: Adam Katz Sinding

If you haven’t heard of Kenna, it’s time to get familiar. The Grammy-nominated music industry veteran has collaborated with esteemed artists including Pharrell Williams, Kid Cudi and Lupe Fiasco, and is responsible for relaunching Myspace with Justin Timberlake in 2013. But perhaps most notable is his work as a philanthropist: After launching Summit on the Summit clean water initiative, he’s now taking his do-good efforts to the next level through a very fitting medium—music. Today marks the launch of his journey to become the first one-for-one artist, meaning that every time you listen to his music, purchase tickets to his shows or interact with his content on social media, you’ll be giving back to ethically minded causes.

To learn more, watch the video on Kenna’s mission and check out his model to see how the one-for-one fund works.