Trader Joe’s Now Offers Another Alternative To LaCroix

We don’t know if this is exactly front-page news given all that’s going on in the world right now, but maybe you’re thirsty and planning to grocery shop after work tonight and would therefore be super stoked to know that Trader Joe’s recently expanded its line of seltzer waters to include new flavor profiles that’ll give LaCroix (and even our newer favorite, Spindrift) a run for its money. While we were once only able to enjoy lime, raspberry lime and mandarin orange versions of the TJ-branded sparkling water, we can now sample more inventive products including grapefruit, pineapple, island colada and cranberry clementine. At 99 cents per liter, these new drinks are definitely more cost-effective than LaCroix when it comes to attempting to quench your seltzer addiction, so we suggest you make the switch stat. Besides, knowing what we know now about Trader Joe’s, it’s entirely possible that their seltzer waters actually are LaCroix in disguise, right? Let the taste tests commence.