14 Things Every Woman Should Do In Her 20s

While this editor may no longer be in her 20s (despite her delusions to the contrary), many who work in this office are still squarely in this golden era of innocence and experimentation. Since few truly realize the unique opportunities afforded to them by their youth—and therefore tend to squander them—we thought we’d share some of the activities (on a somewhat superficial level) we think are crucial to partake of before you turn 30. Here, our best advice.


Now Is The Time

Also, drink Coke. Yes, we know these things are bad for you, but it's okay. No matter what you eat, your skin will be beautiful, your booty will be high and tight, and you will radiate youth and beauty. We find that girls in their 20s diet far more than girls in their 30s, but why?! This is the best it gets—enjoy. (With moderation, of course.)

This decade of life is the time to fall in love with all the wrong people, have memorable weekends with accented strangers in far-flung locales and the like. These flings will give you something to think about later in life when your marriage inevitably gets boring—just kidding. But they do make for excellent reminiscing regardless of whether you're happily married.

Booty shorts? Check. Crop top? Check. Glitter errywhere? Check. Now is the time to look ridiculous, because you can pull it off—even pink furry boots aren't off-limits for you right now, especially at music festivals or other such events.

Again, we find that far more women in their 30s do this than those in their 20s, but why? You literally look like you were just born—why hide that under caked foundation and streetwalker-inspired eye makeup? Dare to be bare, as this will also save you from having to wear makeup forevermore just to look like your 20s self.

This will teach you a valuable lesson—hair is just hair, and nothing you do to it is impossible to recover from. (That said, bangs are almost always a bad idea.)

You have abundant energy to do this now, and a healthy routine will set the stage for good fitness habits later in the life. Also, you can avoid all types of injuries, aches and pains by maintaining an active youth, so long as you're exercising with proper form and technique.

If you don't do this at least once in your life, you're seriously missing out on one of the most important learning opportunities on offer. Serve food, answer phones, fetch coffee—it's so good for your ego, your soul and your ability to be a great manager/boss babe down the line.

We hate to be the one to break this to you, but girl squads dissipate as you get older and new family units form. Now is the time to go on those wild, memorable trips with your besties, whether they involve domestic road trips or overseas flights. Here are some ideas to get you started.

You won't want to do this when you're older, trust us. In fact, you couldn't be paid to do this over the age of, say, 28, so get your fill of "the scene" now.

In your 20s, it's important to get your heart crushed to such an extent that you think you'll never recover. This is because you will recover, and this will teach you that you can bounce back from anything. Also, now that you know how it feels, you'll be more careful with the feelings of your significant others in the future when it's your turn to do the dumping.

This feels so good, and it's harder and harder to do as you get older and take on more responsibility (and make more income).

It's hard to be alone in your 20s, and easy not to be. Still, being content with your own company is an important skill to cultivate early, because it's healthy AF to know how enjoy things solo.

Conflict sucks, and many of us are bad at it—especially when it comes to our girlfriends. Still, it will serve you well to learn how to express your feelings before they fester to the point of no return. Besides, if you think a fight over who ate the last yogurt is tough, just wait: The stakes get higher as you get older, so consider this your training period for healthy conflict resolution.

It'll make for a good story later, possibly even the best of your life.