There’s Never Been A Big Magazine Like This Before

Condé Nast has seen quite the number of changes in the last month alone. In addition to the resignation of Vanity Fair‘s Graydon Carter, two more editors in chief announced their departures—and now the media giant is taking a tangible step toward a more modern digital community with the launch of Them, an LGBTQ-focused multi-platform publication spearheaded by none other than Phillip Picardi. The Teen Vogue and Allure digital editorial director took to Twitter to share news of his latest venture, which will debut online October 26 and will include video and podcasts as well as social media and audience submissions. “We want to make sure that we’re inviting people to participate,” he told Business of Fashion. “Intersectionality and representation are going to be crucial to the brand’s very success and acceptance.” Them marks the first major project for Condé Nast since the ambitious Portfolio, which closed in 2009 after just two years, but with today’s progressive culture, we can only expect this is one for the long haul. Like the publication’s video reads, “This isn’t a niche culture. It is the culture.”

Today, we announce the launch of @THEM, an LGBTQ community platform. I could not be more excited. — Phillip Picardi (@pfpicardi) October 4, 2017