9 Things We Hope They Reveal On The Hills 10-Year Anniversary Special

It’s all happening: The Hills is returning to MTV for a 10-year anniversary special with Lauren Conrad, and promises to reveal the “truth” behind many of the moments seen on the show. (Cue internal screaming from every girl who still has distinct flashbacks whenever a Natasha Bedingfield song plays.) While we still have questions, after all this time, the most pressing and unanswered topics are:

Why did Lauren think dating Jason was a good idea? Does she still regret not going to Paris? What happened to Heidi’s boyfriend, Jordan, from season 1? Were Lauren and Whitney legit interns at Teen Vogue? Did Heidi really work at Bolthouse Productions? Was the Jen Bunney/Brody Jenner hook-up situation constructed by producers? Did Justin Bobby ever really like Audrina, or was he just on the show for fame? Does Lauren still “wanna forget” Heidi? Speidi, in general—how the … just how? Le sigh (or should we say, Les Deux?). Tune in for The Hills: That Was Then, This Is Now on Tuesday, August 2, on MTV, during which we hope to get closure on the aforementioned questions.