Everything You Need To Know About The Handmaid’s Tale Season 2

The Handmaid’s Tale is one of the most disturbing shows we’ve ever seen, and yet we can’t look away (nor should we). We’re only a few episodes into the first season and we’re already hanging on every detail about the second. Until last night, all we’d heard was that as the first season allegedly ends when the book does, the second season would have to go beyond what author Margaret Atwood had imagined for the world and characters.

However, during The Hollywood Reporter‘s TV Talks panel discussion on Wednesday, slightly more information was revealed. “We don’t want to explore everything in one season,” said lead actress Elisabeth Moss. “With Season 1, there was so much left out to give you more time to fully explore a few things, rather than cover all 50 of them. The intention is to continue to explore things deeply and to really give time. That’s the great thing you have in a series that has multiple seasons that you can do.” She went on to point out that there is a big leap in time between the story’s main events and the book’s epilogue, which gives the show’s writers a lot of room within which to be imaginative. The series has already taken liberties with this dystopian tale in ways that, thus far, have not felt at all like a betrayal to the story, which means we trust them to do good by fans moving forward. We’ll keep you posted on new details as they emerge. In the meantime, we suggest you try these methods for getting a good night’s sleep if you’re suffering, as we are, from what we like to call the-too-real-horror-of-The Handmaid’s Tale–induced insomnia.