The Billion-Dollar Wedding You Have To See

There’s nothing like a celebrity, It girl or supermodel wedding to spark bridal fantasies for days, but how about a billion-dollar wedding to elicit the most opulent of daydreams? Yes, one billion dollars. Sparing no detail, the Moscow nuptials of 20-year-old Khadija Uzhakhovs and Said Gutseriev (the heir to a Russian oil fortune) this past Saturday was quite possibly the most fanciful of affairs. From the bride’s voluminous, glimmering ballgown to the astounding floral arrangements to—oh, yes—performances from JLo, Sting and Enrique Iglesias, the wedding was as over-the-top as it gets, and well-documented on Instagram by guests of the well-to-do couple. While some may find the extravagant event to be excessive, we’re happy to ogle every ornate detail.

Homepage Image: Getty Images