The Bachelor Episode 6 Recap: Pigs, Lies and The L Word

The number of crazies on The Bachelor is beginning to dwindle, which means things are getting serious (dun dun dun). As Ben is faced with hard decisions and tough rose ceremonies, we delight in the drama. Below, a recap of our favorite moments from this week’s show.

Swimming With Pigs

Photo: USA Today

Ben and the ladies jetted off to the Bahamas for a tropical seaside escape and those on the group date had the real pleasure of swimming with the local wildlife. Dolphins, you say? Nay—the ladies gallivanted around with wild pigs, feeding them chicken hot dogs (how twisted) and trying to avoid being terrified/appalled by the whole situation. Props to the gals for being good sports on what's sure to be one of the weirder dates in Bachelor history.

A Big Fat Lie

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Leah hit her breaking point this week after not receiving a one-on-one date ("I feel like I'm the group date groupie," she said) and turned to more drastic measures to grab Ben's attention: lying! Leah planted the seed that front-runner Lauren B perhaps had another, less favorable side to her—when questioned by the other girls, she denied her involvement in the situation in a blatant, not-so-casual fib. Ultimately, her plan backfired and she was sent home (karma!) but hey—the girl sure knew how to nab some screen time before the end of her journey.

The L Word

Photo: Daily Mail

You know things are reaching a turning point in the season when girls start throwing out the L word—this week, both Caila and Olivia admitted they were falling in love with Ben. Cue the doves! It worked out in Caila's favor, but unfortunately for Olivia, Ben wasn't able to reciprocate. In a stormy scene on the beach—on perhaps the most ominous-looking day the Bahamas has ever seen—Ben bid adieu to Olivia on account of the fact his relationships with other women were progressing faster. The episode ended with a dramatic pan away from the island, Ben riding away on a speedboat with Emily (who received the two-on-one date rose) and Olivia standing alone, presumably pondering the meaning of her existence after her hopes of being Mrs. Higgins were crushed. We can genuinely say we will miss the overzealous Olivia—thank you for several weeks of great TV.

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