Taylor Swift Is Finally Reclaiming Her Signature Curly Hair And Red Lips

by Stephanie Montes

Taylor Swift has undergone some major changes in the last year. She first surprised us at the 2016 Grammy Awards when she showed up looking a lot like Anna Wintour in blunt bob with bangs. Then, in the hair shock of her career, the formerly dirty-blonde haired beauty ditched her go-to color for platinum strands—that was the beginning of Taylor’s newfound urge to experiment (like, really experiment) with her beauty look. By the time the Met Gala came around, we could hardly remember what the 26-year old looked like before her short, almost-white hair and vampy lips—up until now, that is. Yesterday, the singer posed with fans in the Hamptons and as if out of a time machine, Taylor is rocking her signature blonde curls and classic red lip.

Between the split with Calvin earlier this year and the recent famous feud with the Kardashian-West clan, Taylor’s been keeping things pretty low key, so it makes perfect sense she’s getting back to her roots.