Taylor Swift Slayed Her Formula 1 Grand Prix Performance

Getty Images for TAS

Marking her first performance of 2016, Taylor Swift took to the stage tonight in front of 100,000 people in Austin, Texas for Formula 1 Grand Prix. Dressed in a short and sparkly black jumper, the worldwide trending pop star soared through a setlist of hits and even played a piano version of “This Is What You Came For”, the song she co-wrote with ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris. Sadly, Swift didn’t debut any new tracks which dampers rumors of a potential imminent surprise album, but we will remain hopeful. And in the meantime, we’ll be scouring social media for clips from tonight’s event in an attempt to squelch our FOMO. Enjoy a few of our favorites below!

Fifteen #taylorswift #Austin pic.twitter.com/PK4DXjYcQz — Patricia Garza (@Tricia_0301) October 23, 2016
TAYLOR PERFORMING 22 EARLIER!! #TaylorSwiftAtF1 #TaylorSwiftOnUSPG pic.twitter.com/6NDRISdnCB — daniel (@bobiswiftie) October 23, 2016