Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” Video Is The Ultimate Queen-Bee Showdown

Tonight, Taylor Swift’s hotly anticipated “Bad Blood” video debuted at the Billboard Music Awards. With a plethora of film noir-style teaser photos posted to social media, we were excited to see the female-fueled brawl come to life—surely for the sheer entertainment factor, but moreover on account of the star-studded cast. A laundry list of some of the most important It-girls in fashion today (Cara, Karlie, Gigi, Lily, etc.) all joined forces to be a part of the film—even legends (ahem, Cindy Crawford) got in on the fun. Even in the context of a (fictional) queen-bee showdown, we love seeing these powerful women sharing the limelight in one epic 4-minute production—although we were left wishing for a little more plot development from the kick-ass characters. Did you miss the video? Watch it here.