Security Blanket

by The Zoe Report

We all have a special place in our heart for the first blankie we ever owned and, truth be told, some of us on Team Zoe still cozy up with ours from time to time. Taking the cherished childhood concept into adulthood, London-based label Swash creates handmade quilts that are next-level chic!

Finely constructed of cotton with 100% silk binding, these pretty blankets are impossible not to covet. A dreamy pick to accessorize one’s home for spring, the print of each cover is nature-inspired with a whimsical feel—perfect for adding a unique and cozy touch to any room. Not to mention, every Swash quilt also comes equipped with an unexpected yet totally cool leather harness, which makes them effortless to store and travel with! What can we say? The time may finally have come for us to trade out our baby blankies and get quilted.

Availability: Swash Cotton Quilts ($1150, to order email info@valerydemure.com). For additional information, visit Swash.co.uk.