Staycation Ideas For Couples Who Like To Be Out And About

We can’t think of anyone who would pass up a tropical getaway or nice rendezvous through Europe. However, there’s something equally appealing about staying local and enjoying what your hometown has to offer, particularly when a significant other is in the mix. This is especially true if you’re of the adventurous nature with local horizons that extend past the couch. If you’ve got a free weekend ahead and are looking to put in some quality time with your partner, you’re in luck. There are plenty of staycation options for couples who like get out on the town.

Maybe you’re a pair that likes to put in time at the gym, or maybe you are a couple of movie-lovers who value a solid cinematic experience. Either way, there’s a fun activity for every type of love birds. From a relaxing beach day to a luxe glamping experience, ahead, the best ways to spend a staycation for two (and some outfit options that fit the activities to a T).


Plan A Beach Day

If you're lucky enough to be near a body of water, you basically have a a mini vacation at your fingertips. The peaceful sounds of the ocean (or lake or river — whatever you're working with) make for quite the romantic backdrop for you and your S.O. If you're ones to frolic in the water, frolic away. However, if you're looking for some R&R, simply pack up some snacks, a towel, and a music player or reading material and enjoy some quality together time.

Also, if the idea of packing for a beach trek is not your cup of tea, we suggest enlisting the help of a beach concierge service. Do a little digging and see if there are any companies that serve your area and take the legwork out of an otherwise relaxing excursion. Some will offer tents, lounge chairs, games, and even food services. You can also take staycationing to the next level and book a stay at a hotel or resort along the water.


Go Glamping

It's like camping, but better. Instead of hassling with tent assembly and take down, why not have someone do it for you or book a locale that gives you direct access to the beauty of nature whilst you bask in the lap of luxury? These days there's an endless variety of upscale camping sites that allow you to stay in suped-up tents, yurts, retro trailers, or even treehouses. You can even request a setup in your own backyard, if you're really not trying to leave the house.


Do An Outdoor Workout

The couple that does outdoor yoga together, stays together. If you and your partner enjoy a mutual love of fitness, why not take it outside? Research outdoor workout classes like yoga, running clubs, or rock climbing. Often, you'll find some free options that won't cost you more than a small donation. And, in the immortal words of Elle Woods: "Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy!"


Go To A Free Outdoor Movie Or Concert

Upgrade your typical Netflix night and take the movie party to the park. Check out outdoor movie or concert options in your area and pack a sweet little picnic for two with all your favorite treats. Add a glass of wine or two and some popcorn, and you'e got yourself a solid date night.