The Standard Hotel Just Installed A Phone Booth That Dials Directly To DC

The Standard, High Line—located in the Meatpacking District of New York—just did something truly groundbreaking. As a part of their #RingYourRep initiative, the hotel installed a phone booth in its plaza on 13th Street that dials directly to the US Capitol switchboard. What’s more, they’ve included a script-for-dummies that makes it easy for those who’ve never called Washington before—or who are making the call while inebriated—to get through to their desired party and say what needs to be said. In addition to the phone booth, the company has added direct lines to Congress in every room of all five of their hotel properties. “We want to encourage our guests, our staff and the public to make their voices heard on the issues that matter to them,” a hotel representative told Gothamist . “Whether that be health care, the environment, immigration, LGBTQ rights or education, #RingYourRep is a way for us to provide a public and in-room platform to encourage positive, productive activism.”

Watch the Insta video below and get ready for this phenomenon to flood your feed (and, hopefully, the phones of our representatives).