Sephora Is About To Change Makeup Shopping For All Of Us

In our eyes, Sephora can do no wrong. From its extensive brand selection to its custom makeovers, the beauty destination offers everything we want and need in a cosmetics shop—and now it’s set to become even more accessible. Enter Sephora Studios: Less than half the size of a typical Sephora, the new small-format stores will focus on the experience of beauty—with services like one-on-one consultations, mini facials, makeovers, beauty classes and digital tools like the Moisture Meter and the Skincare IQ quiz.

The first Sephora Studio outpost is already open on Boston’s Newbury Street, and the company plans to expand across the US in the very near future. “There is no better way to create meaningful connections with clients than through personalized experiences and a customized approach to beauty,” Sephora Americas CEO Calvin McDonald said in a statement. And it’s true—with the growing demand for curated moments, Sephora is clearly paving the way for the future of beauty.