You Have To See These MAC Magnetic Eye Shadows Right Now

by Stephanie Montes
Antonello Trio

It seems like magnets are having a moment in beauty. Years ago, it was the innovative nail polish that changed pattern when you waved a magnet over it. Then, earlier this week, we tried the incredible magnet facial mask on Facebook Live that completely blew our minds. And today, we saw an Instagram video of MAC’s Spellbinder magnetic eye shadows that stopped us dead in our tracks.

In the video below, watch as a chunk of the eye shadow is swatched out of the pod, then the pigment is magically packed back in place to look like new. Not only does it look amazing, the magnet at the bottom of the jar will make messy accidents a breeze. No more having to mourn the loss of a new and tragically-broken eye shadow. The best part is it serves more of a purpose than making us ooh and ahh. For those who swear by the color intensity and staying power of MAC’s beloved pigments, this new shadow gives you the same payoff without the loose powder mess.

The only downfall in this win-win situation is that it’s a limited-edition release. Available from October 20 to December 1, the Spellbinder Shadows will hit shelves at $22 a pop. Get your hands on one of the eight shimmering jewel-tone shades—cobalt blue, cool teal, warm olive, vivid emerald, deep amethyst, rich chocolate, smoky quartz, and metallic bronze—and see what the hype is all about for yourself.