Press On

by The Zoe Report

Got juice? That’s what we find ourselves asking today as we peruse the refreshing menu selection of Pressed Juicery. Our ritual morning stop before work, we can’t get enough of these chic drinks and now, the organic juice depot is offering nationwide shipping so you too can get in on the deliciousness, wherever you are!

Freshly pressed as their name suggests, the LA-based company has earned quite the reputable following since first opening their doors in 2010—and it’s no surprise why! With 28 sweet selections to choose from—our go-tos include Green Alkalizer, Detox 2 and Almond Milk—juicers can customize their own perfect order or pick from one of three tailored cleanses or seven occasional kits. Want to accessorize your lifestyle with a nutritious refreshment this spring? Head over to Pressed Juicery and drink up!

Availability: Pressed Juicery Cleanses and Kits ($110-$350 + additional shipping charges). For additional information, visit Pressedjuicery.com.

P.S. Be sure to bookmark Pressed Juicery’s new online wellness magazine, The Chalkboard—it’s one of our new favorite online stops!