Here’s An Easy Thing You Can Do To Change Someone’s Life

A fashion gaming app called Covet recently relaunched with a push toward diversity after users complained they could only win challenges if they used one type of model—light-skinned. Now, each challenge in the app is assigned a specific model to level the playing field, and the models vary in skin color and size to encourage inclusiveness. And to help promote real beauty, the Covet team put together a video that made us weep like babies and want to hug every woman we meet on the street from here until forever.

It’s all about the power of compliments, and we could not be behind the video’s message more. If you’ve ever received a random positive comment from a passing stranger, then you know the power it has to totally change your day. Today, take a risk and say something nice to someone you don’t know—a little positive reinforcement may just be what they need to make smart decisions that could impact their entire lives. With those you know and love, we’d suggest taking this exercise a step further by complimenting them on things that have nothing to do with appearance. Ultimately, we all need to get better at drawing our confidence from more internal wells.

Watch below for inspiration—but grab a hankie first!