Is It Okay To Objectify Justin Trudeau?

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau—or, more specifically, his backside—broke the internet this week as every outlet picked up on his bootylicious-ness. We were immediately swept up in the phenomenon as we’ve long had crushes on Trudeau and have been wondering when the rest of the world would catch on. That said, all of this oogling of a world leader has us wondering if it’s okay for us to participate in the objectification of anyone, even if said person is male. So, we did a quick Google search on the subject to see if others were questioning Trudeau-mania as well. It turns out, some think it’s okay, as the more we objectify men, the more we even the playing field for women, while others find it hypocritical of us to participate in the same types of behaviors we loathe and critique. We’re torn on this one. Is it unrealistic to expect that humans will cease to objectify other humans altogether, and therefore is our best hope to counteract the male gaze with evidence that we, too, objectify the opposite sex? We can’t help but click on every story featuring this, the man of our dreams, and his seemingly perfect behind and yet we feel a little dirty in doing so. What do you think?

As we ponder this conundrum, we’ll leave you with this juicy photo (since most of you probably clicked on the story in order to oogle). You’re welcome.