12 Apps That Will Transform Your 2017

One of the questions we ask ourselves regularly is how we ever lived without our iPhone apps. When something happens to our smartphones and we find ourselves temporarily without them, we feel crippled to an extent we can only assume is unhealthy. We are addicted and become more so with every new and increasingly ingenious release. Here, 12 apps guaranteed to make you more dependent on your phone than ever.

If you think about it, the beauty recommendations we trust the most tend to come from people we know—because our friends aren't filtering their faces IRL. MiaMia Beauty is taking this peer-to-peer process digital, allowing you an easy way to archive your beauty regimen and favorite products (no more forgetting the name of your go-to face cream) and share them with friends and followers. The app also has a super-addictive "Looks" feature wherein users can upload a photo (selfies, model shots, etc.) and attach the products they used to get the look. The likes of Geri Hirsch and Molly Sims are already hooked, and you will be, too.

Download MiaMia Beauty here.

Once upon a time, people settled down in their early 20s and bought furniture that would last them for decades. Now, we move house annually and are constantly rethinking our living spaces. Since taking on interior design the DIY way requires more time and patience than we can muster (and a knowledge that even the most decor-obsessed among us rarely possess), we end up either making do with a mismatched hovel or hiring a pricey decorator. Hutch hopes to change this by offering home-styling services that are as user-friendly as Instagram and, most importantly, free. Take a photo of the room you want to redesign and within 24 hours you'll have furnishing suggestions that are shoppable through the app. Price points for suggested items tend to be on the affordable side, which is basically unheard of when it comes to home decor. Genius.

Download Hutch here.

It can be incredibly confusing to keep track of what our lawmakers are up to, especially now with a new administration in place. Countable makes acquiring accurate knowledge easier by offering brief summaries of recent bills in the House and Senate alongside arguments for and against each measure. You can also contact your senator or representative directly through the app.

Download Countable here.

We're obsessed with this digital journal. Many of us use social media as a sort of makeshift diary, but if we're being honest, the content we post publicly isn't necessarily representative of our entire lives. This beautiful tool allows you to input your social posts as well as additional content, and geotag and time-stamp events (and more). We consider it a midpoint of sorts between Instagram and a handwritten journal into which you spew your every thought—it's a tool you can use to collect events, provide commentary on them and place them in the context of the story of your life.

Download Day One here.

If you frequently find yourself frantically deleting photos in order to make room for shots from a current event, download the Ever app ASAP. It automatically backs up your photos and videos to allow space on your camera roll. You can also print your photos via the app, which is one thing we've resolved to do in 2017 (but likely won't).

Download Ever here.

We all have the best of intentions when it comes to saving money—and often the worst of practices. Digit links up with your bank account, tracks your spending habits and figures out how to save on your behalf. The best (and most dangerous) part of this program is that you can withdraw the saved money at any time, just in case you need emergency surgery or, you know, a new handbag.

Download Digit here.

You know how Google seems to be somewhat creepily reading your e-mails and keeping track of flight itineraries on your behalf? We suggest you lean into this feature by downloading the Google Trips app, which automatically organizes your info and offers personalized travel suggestions based on your itinerary. If we can't beat Big Brother, we may as well make fabulous memories based on its recommendations, right?

Download Google Trips here.

Some people like to get as creative as possible with their Instagram photos, while others prefer to pass them off as au naturel despite heavy editing. This app is for the former group. It offers filters that turn digital photos into artworks with a quick swipe or two. We'd be willing to bet Prisma-enhanced photos generate more likes than your run-of-the-mill selfie, if you're into that whole Instagram-validation thing.

Download Prisma here.

If you've ever wanted to turn your photos into GIFs, this app makes it incredibly easy to do so. You're bound to go a bit overboard at first, until your friends stop asking you how you made the GIF and instead start asking you to stop making the GIFs. (Not that this happened to us....) Between now and then, enjoy!

Download Momento GIFs here.

Stop, Breathe & Think takes mediation app-ing to the next level by tailoring your practice to your mood. It also tracks your moods, which feels like a healthy (and probably eye-opening) ritual to adopt ASAP. We'll be using the anxiety meditation daily—here's hoping we present less as basket cases over time after doing so.

Download Stop, Breathe & Think here.

As doers who are often thwarted in our ambitions by uncertainty, we could not be more obsessed with Thumbtack. Want to take voice lessons? Thumbtack will connect you with a teacher. Need your house painted or your dog trained? It can handle that, too. If you're getting married and don't have the budget to hire a full-time planner, Thumbtack can stand in on a variety of wedding-related fronts as well.

Download Thumbtack here.

Speaking of wedding planning, if you're in the midst of that arduous process, might we recommend downloading LadyMarry to help you keep track of it all? The app will distribute your checklist items onto a time line and allow you to invite others to collaborate. (We suggest you use this feature selectively so as to avoid unpleasant confrontations with overzealous in-laws. Real talk.)

Download LadyMarry here.