You Can Now See Unlimited Movies In The Theater For $10 Per Month

Once upon a time, video killed the radio star; however, in 2017, podcasts are giving those with “a face for radio” a second chance at glory. This is a weak analogy—give us a break, it’s Tuesday afternoon—but movie theaters may likewise be getting another go at glory after being made all but irrelevant by streaming television. The company MoviePass, founded by Netflix’s Mitch Lowe, has lowered its monthly subscription fee to just $10, which means that you can watch one film per day in participating theaters for just ten bucks a month, total. Given the fact that single movie tickets, at least in Los Angeles, where TZR is HQ’ed, are easily more than $10, this subscription is a great value for those who visit movie theaters at least once per month (or who would if it were more affordable to do so).

While we’re not into having to leave the comfort of our couches for any reason (parking, traffic, other people, ugh) and therefore generally wait for films to come to the small screen, we do think there’s something to be said for being forced to unplug for two hours. As far as we know, however, concessions will still be outrageously priced even with a MoviePass subscription, so you’ll need to continue to sneak those in if you have any hope of leaving the theater experience without feeling as though you’ve been swindled for your Swedish Fish.